Free Consultation
  • Please send us a message via our website, email us at [email protected] or call / text us at +1 (415) 801-6515
  • Our Client Engagement Manager will contact you within 1 business day to obtain the necessary project details from you to fully understand your needs
Competitive Pricing
  • We will offer the most competitive pricing from our Engineering Team within 1 business day upon receipt of the requested information
  • If the quote is agreeable, we shall prepare a project proposal for signing
Quick Turnaround
  • We will provide a list of documents required from you
  • We are committed to providing our services for all projects with a 3-week commitment*
    *we will notify you before signing of proposal should there be any exceptions due to extraordinary circumstances
Flexible Change Order
  • We will continue to remain highly responsive to address any queries or additional requests
  • In case of major change requests* to the project scope, we will provide options for change orders to complete the additional work at additional fee.
    *determined by sfbayengineering Engineering Team
Follow-through Permit Process
  • After you submit our structural engineering plans to the City, we will address all plan check comments* until the permit is approved
    *in rare cases, change orders can be triggered by plan check comments on the architectural or construction work (if any) that result in a major structural redesign

Construction RFIs
  • Phone calls and emails with contractors during construction within 90 days at no extra charge.

  • Helping you complete the construction easily and without major delays.