A Structural Drawing Set is a set of plans prepared by a licensed professional engineer which is required to be approved by the City before construction phase for most projects.

SF Bay Engineering will provide Structural Drawing Sets in PDF format (CAD file can be provided upon request), which consists of Foundation Plan, Framing Plans, Notes and Details.

SF Bay Engineering prepares Structural Drawing Sets for a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to New Construction, Remodeling, Addition, Legalization, ADU, Basement/Garage, Retaining Wall, Foundation, Seismic Retrofit, Deck, Staircase, Pergola and Structural Repairs.

For new construction:

  • Proposed architectural plans (in PDF and CAD format)

For projects involving existing structures:

  • Proposed architectural plans (in PDF and CAD format)
  • Architectural as-builts (in PDF and CAD format)
  • Structural as-builts
  • Soils report (as applicable)
Free Consultation

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Clear Info Requirement

We will provide a list of documents required from you for our engineers to prepare the drawing set

Quick Turnaround

We will prepare the drawing set based on the info provided and share an ETA with a 3-week commitment

Follow-up requests

We will address your comments or any additional requests and provide options for change orders (if needed)

City’s Approval

After you submit our set to the City, SF Bay Engineering will address all plan check comments until the permit is approved

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